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Logo and branding redesign project for a breast cancer foundation based in Aruba.


The aim was to develop a premium visual identity that represents both the male and the female, while linking back to a modern, happy and corporate look. The logo redesign is created around the current logo that is in use and was designed in 2017. The idea was to change the font to a more gender neutral font. The branding was designed towards the idea of connecting more with both genders and bringing awareness that breast cancer can affect both genders. 

Type of work: Rebranding

Industry: Health Care

Client: Mary Joan Foundation

Production Date: September 2020

OldvsNew Mary Joan Logo.jpg
Logo MJF 2.jpg
Logo MJF.jpg
Shop 2.jpg
Shop Mask Black.jpg
06 Wristband Mock-Up-MJF.jpg
business card angle2.jpg
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